Selective Eating Disorder (SED/ARFID)

“We arrived for an appointment with our 13 year old son Jamie on the 8/12/18. Our son has had an ED for over 3 years and it has had complete control of his life, major weight loss and food restriction… the phobia itself taking over his life completely. Sticking to plain safe foods. We met with Mona and she put us all at ease, the appointment went amazingly and after our son doing the 3 steps with her and having Hypnosis he sat and ate chicken something he hasn’t eaten in 3 years, followed by sausage again another food he’s had a phobia of. We’re 3 days in to our new life with Jamie and he hasn’t stopped eating and he’s eating anything and everything I’d definitely recommend Mona I’d say to anyone go to her wherever you are in the world because she’s changed our lives massively. Thank you Mona we will forever be thankful for giving us our little boy back.”

Caz Woodhead

“Thank you so much. Toby has been struggling with selective eating disorder (SED) for years. I think we are in shock a little. Toby is over the moon and feels very proud of himself. He messaged his older brother to say what he had tasted and his brother replied with “change your password” thinking someone had spammed him! He is still talking about what new things he is going to try, many many thanks again, I feel we are finally on the new path.”

Denise and Toby

“My 13 year old daughter had a Skype session with Mona today. It was a very positive experience for my daughter who has been afraid of trying new food since she was 2. Afterwards she tasted several things for the first time ever, and even mixed food! Although it will take time to try more and more foods, my daughter is so happy to have the understanding of her own food phobia. It seems like a weight has been lifted off her shoulders now. She wants tomato soup for dinner today – for the first time in her life!! Thank you, Mona Hansen.”

Kristin and Ingeborg

“Just got home from a trip to London for my daughter to have a face to face session with Mona Hansen. I left her in there for 1 hr 45 minutes and returned to find her EATING a bowl of fruit salad. She had successfully tried all 8 foods that she took with her. We are still in complete shock. After 24 years of chicken nuggets chips and bread rolls, I couldn’t believe what I was seeing. I have everything crossed for the days and weeks ahead but without a doubt today was like a miracle. So proud of my brave girl.”

Lorna and Jenni

Weight Loss & Weight Management

“I was referred to Mona by a friend who had achieved a very significant weight loss. I was extremely sceptical about “hypnotherapy” having tried a different counsellor many years ago, without success. I had 3 sessions with Mona over a period of about 6 weeks during April and May of 2014.

She educated me about food, what I was eating and how I could “eat healthy” easily. She also explored why I was eating so badly and helped me to understand this and how to deal with the issues more successfully. I should say at this point that I am a little cynical about very positive reviews and have volunteered to write this testimonial.

Since 23rd of April 2014, my first meeting with her, I have lost 90lbs and taken 12 inches off my waist. In addition, my blood pressure is much lower and I enjoy exercise, I used to avoid it. I walk much more and cycle most days, weather permitting! For me, a middle aged man, her advice was based on easy changes to my diet and lifestyle, applied consistently.

I am happy to say that her influence and advice helped me achieve a dramatic change for the better in my life.”

Brian A

Before and after image

“Having struggled for most of my life, like many others, with a weight problem someone suggested hypnotherapy. This resulted in an introduction to Mona Hansen. The result has been transformative. A combination of hypnotherapy, counselling and dietary advice resulted in a loss of 20 kg in a sustainable and sustained manner. If someone had told me before this therapy that I would ever be seen inside a gym disbelief would have been the least of my reactions. The physiological benefits of weight loss are obvious, the psychological benefit of attaining a persistently elusive goal is also significant. Undoubtedly Mona’s ability to empathise with her clients and share their goals and journeys contributes significantly to her and their success.”

DP, Management Consultant

“Stress was at a constant high. Sleep was not great at all. Eating was just awesome. Not. It was out of control. The wrong foods, at the wrong times, in the wrong quantities. What an unfortunate combination. I can’t pin-point exactly what Mona did, but the hypnotherapy combined with her in depth knowledge around nutrition caused me to adopt a new paradigm around eating. My shopping basket changed in content; eating off-menu in restaurants became a new norm; my eating portions and cadence changed radically; my motivation for sport was heightened. My outlook and attitude was generally far more positive and I actually looked forward to the next healthy mealtime. The experience with Mona has been quite profound and life changing in many ways.”

Tyrone M, Company Director


“Mona has been my therapist since June 2014. When I first started to see her, my life was a mess. Professionally and personally, I was low on motivation. The traditional methods of ‘talk therapy,’ employed by my psychologist at the time, weren’t helping. Mona had a technique that I hadn’t encountered before – dynamic therapy. Through this interactive and highly immersive methodology, I was able to break destructive behavioural patterns and move forward. Today, I am a more confident person; eager to take on any challenge that is thrown before me.”

AS, Internet Entrepreneur & Author

“Before I went to see Mona I had tried many times to quit smoking but had never managed a sustained period of abstinence. It always felt like a struggle and I was also anxious and nervous. Mona’s approach was very different; her aura and energy was beautiful and calming. I had no doubt I was in great hands. I came out of the session feeling on top of the bloody world! But more importantly I now feel I’m in control when saying no to smoking.”

Alex, Entertainer

“Therapy with Mona was amazing, she is extremely helpful and efficent. She is very kind and helpful, not judging anything, friendly and has a real desire to help other people.”

Kristina P

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